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BMZ RS Mid-Mounted Engine Drive E25 34911

48V | 250W | 25km/h

BMZ RS Mid-Mounted Engine Drive E25 34911 Article-No.: 34911
  • 112 Nm
  • 460 %
  • 25 km/h
Weight: 3605 g
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With 112 Newton meters, the BMZ RS sets new standards in terms of performance. Due to the special design, optimal performance is available for every use and every skill level. Only a few e-bikers achieve sustained high cadence, so the BMZ RS delivers high torque already at 40-60 pedal revolutions per minute. This is particularly beneficial for inexperienced off-road riders or cargo bikes during "stop-and-go" in the city. The BMZ RS forgives "driving errors" and supports the rider in technical trails. Sporty riders benefit in training from significantly higher speeds and can maintain them much longer. The new engine management allows a significantly greater range even in the strongest mode and a pleasantly controlled power delivery that arrives harmoniously at the pedal. Always ride with power and look forward to every challenge: BMZ RS.

Model: BMZ RS E25 34911

Weight: approx. 3,500 g

Dimensions: 213 x 150 x 128 mm

Rated voltage: 48 V

Rated continuous power: 250 W

Torque: 112 Nm

Maximum motor support: 460% (peak values up to 480% proven)

Support up to: 25 km/h

Push assistance up to: 6 km/h

Starting assistance: - - -

Tightness: IP56

Chainrings: single chainring and double chainring possible, bolt circle; (4 point, 104 mm); toothed belt possible 30 teeth min. - 50 teeth max. chainring size: 30 teeth min. - 50 teeth max.

Q-factor: 178mm (ISIS® - axle width 135 mm)

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