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Information in Accordance with the Battery Act

Since our shipments may contain batteries, we are required in accordance with the Battery Act to notify you of the following:
Batteries may not be disposed of in your household trash: rather, you are required by law to return used batteries. Old batteries may contain hazardous materials which could damage your health or the environment if not properly stored or disposed of. But batteries also contain important materials like iron, zinc, manganese and nickel and can be recycled. You may send the batteries back to us after use or return them free of charge in your neighborhood (i.e. in a store, a municipal collection point or our shipping warehouse). End users may only return used batteries in points of sale in typical quantities and if the distributor carries or used to carry new batteries in stock which are the same as the used batteries.

The symbol with the crossed-out garbage bin means that you may not dispose of batteries in your household trash. Under this sign you will find the following additional symbols, which have the following meanings:
Pb: battery contains lead
Cd: battery contains cadmium
Hg: battery contains mercury