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Derby Impulse Evo half intergal down tube 16,75Ah 24558-1GP

16.75Ah - 603Wh - 36V

Article-No.: V24558-1GP
Derby Impulse Evo half intergal down tube 16,75Ah 24558-1GP Article-No.: V24558-1GP
  • 603Wh Wh
  • 36 V
  • Derby Impulse Evo
  • Can Bus
  • black
Weight: 3200 g

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The Derby Impulse Evo semi-integral down tube battery from BMZ provides a powerful energy source for your e-bike experience. With a voltage of 36 volts and a capacity of 16.75 amp-hours (603 watt-hours), this battery delivers impressive range and power for your rides.

The semi-integral design of the battery allows for seamless integration into the down tube area of your bike, optimally distributing weight and improving handling. This ensures an aesthetic appearance and a balanced riding style.

Equipped with a Rosenberger charging plug, this battery offers a reliable and fast charging option so that you can continue your bike tours without long waiting times. The Rosenberger plug system ensures a secure connection and efficient transfer of energy during the charging process.

In addition, this battery has integrated CAN bus communication, which enables precise control and monitoring of the battery. This advanced communication technology optimizes the performance of the battery and enables efficient cooperation with the electric drive system of your e-bike.

With the Derby Impulse Evo semi-integral down tube battery from BMZ, you get a high-quality power supply for your e-bike that combines reliability, performance and comfort so that you can enjoy your cycling adventures to the full.

Technical details Specifications
Battery type Derby Impulse Evo semi-integral down tube
Voltage 36 volts
Capacity 16,75 ampere-hours (603 watt-hours)
Charging plug Rosenberger
Communication CAN bus



This battery is compatible with the following batteries: 

  • 31649-01


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