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20 x Dangerous goods box for one battery 17652

Set of 20 dangerous goods boxes.

20 x Dangerous goods box for one battery 17652 Article-No.: 17652
  • 0,290 kg
Weight: 290 g

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PLEASE NOTE: Do you have all the labels, stickers, etc. to comply with the applicable regulations to ship a battery as a package?

You always need the following when sending dangerous goods:


In one of these dangerous goods box can one battery be shipped.
Dimensions of one box: 473 x 190x 158 mm

Only sold in a set of 20 pieces.





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Set of 20 inlay for one Battery 17653

Set of 20 Inlays for a dangerous goods box.

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UN3480 lables 0109-2

UN3480 Labels / mandatory for dangerous goods since 01.01.2019

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