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Brose mid-mounted engine Drive S mag vertical E01680 23084-4-T

mid-mounted engine E01680 vertical 36V/DC/250W

Article-No.: 23084-4-T
Brose mid-mounted engine Drive S mag vertical E01680 23084-4-T Article-No.: 23084-4-T
  • 90 Nm
  • 410%
  • 25 km/h
Weight: 3065 g
in stock: delivery time 2-5 days

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The Drive S mag mid-mounted motor (vertical) with 36Volt and 250Watt full power is the unbeaten e-bike motor for comfortable everyday life in and around the city. The daily commute with the highest loads is just as easy as cruising through the city. The Drive S mag motor ensures serenity and safety when riding an e-bike.

This powerful electric motor is particularly distinguished by its smooth and harmonious response as well as its comfortable riding feel. The Drive S mag develops an even and powerful torque of 90 Newton metres. This is entirely the city's requirement and has been specially optimised for it.

The Drive S mag is the ideal companion through the city and brings with it the special requirements of the traffic flow of the city. It masters every city without blowing in comfort or power. City eBikes should have only the Drive S mag installed, because less means loss of quality.


Model: Brose Drive S mag vertical E01680 23084-4-T

Motor type: brushless inner rotor

Weight: approx. 2,900 g

Dimensions: 193 × 150 × 115 mm

Nominal voltage: 36 V

Continuous rated power: 250 W

Torque: 90 Nm

Maximum support: 410%.

Support up to: 25 km/h

Sliding aid up to: 6 km/h

Starting aid: - - - -

Tightness: IP56


Drives Magnesium
(v= vetrical mount / h= horizontal mount) 2.900g

Drive CH     25km/h

E57028 (280% / 50Nm / 36V / 250W)

Drive CV     25km/h

E41219 (280% / 50Nm / 36V / 250W)

Drive TH     25km/h

E57026 (320% / 70Nm / 36V / 250W)

Drive TV     25km/h

E41222 (320% / 70Nm / 36V / 250W)

Drive SH   25km/h

E06855 (410% / 90Nm / 36V / 250W)

Drive SV   25km/h

E01680 (410% / 90Nm / 36V / 250W)

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Article-No.: 23084-4-T

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