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BMZ Energy Storage System ESS Z

Capacity 162 Ah, energy content 8.87 kWh, energy density 90.5 Wh

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ESS Z is a new modular lithium-ion based energy storage system, which stores the surplus of the collected solar energy for later use. Energy can either be directed into the storage system or be fed into the public grid via aninverter. Energy is available as required: in the evening, at night, or on a cloudy day. With the ESS Z System, consumers of solar power become more independent from electricity prices and use their home-made eco-electricity when they need it.

From June 2021, we will offer you the ESS Z energy storage system, a new generation of efficient battery storage systems in our ESS store.

Item No. 610850

  • Scalable up to 12 modules
  • Maximum energy density
  • Maximum discharge power up to 18 kW
  • Direct current relay and 2nd protection (chemical fuse) for a redundant battery cut-off
  • Over- and undervoltage monitoring for each cell string with redundant battery cut-off
  • Closed metal, double housing
  • Current Interrupt-Device (CID) in each cell
  • Protection against a reboot after deep discharge or any other serious error
  • Active current control as a function of cell voltage and temperature (derating)
  • Temperature monitoring for each cell string
Weight 98 kg
Width 638 mm
height 421 mm
depth 487 mm
Energy (nom.) 8,87 kWh
Energy (usable) 7,1 kWh
Nominal voltage 54.0V
Charge end voltage 61.5V
Disharge end voltage 45.0V
Max. charge 81A
Max. discharge power 300A (3 sec)
Communication CAN SMA Protocol
Battery chemistry Li-Ion NCA
Discharge depth 80% DOD
Full Cycles 5000
Battery Management system Überwachung Zellspannung, Zelltemperatur, Strom, Derating und passives Balancing
Energy density (weight) 90,5 kWh
efficiency 85%
Capacity (nom) 162 Ah
Capacity (usable) 129,6 Ah

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Delivery time: currently very high demand / delivery date on request

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